Seriously Donuts E-Liquid Shortfill 100ml By Doozy Vape



Seriously Donuts 100ml E-Liquid Shortfills

Seriously Donuts is the latest addition to the Doozy’s extensive family of e-liquid ranges. Being launched in the 100ml Format as part of the Seriously brand captures 6 moreish baked dessert flavours that guarantee to satisfy your taste buds. In addition, this fantastic line features blends like Strawberry & Cream, Raspberry Jam, Original Glazed and more.

Strawberry & Cream is everyone’s favourite combination of thick luscious cream and sweet strawberries.

Raspberry Jam is a gorgeously sweet raspberry jam oozing from the centre creating a fruity layer between each bite!

Original Glazed is the unmistakeable taste of a timeless classic. Donuts dipped in a deliciously rich sugary syrup.

Donuts Lemon Drizzle is a scrumptiously soft and fluffy donut dough, drizzled with frosted lemon icing with a sweet zesty centre.

Glazed Biscoff is a tasty tea time treat. Donut infused with crumbs of biscoff topped with a sugar glaze.

Apple Fritter is a deliciously soft and airy dough, filled with a caramelised apple centre with a sugar glazed coating.


Flavour Blend

Strawberry and Cream, Raspberry Jam, Original Glazed, Lemon Drizzle, Glazed Biscoff, Apple Fritter


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