Pulsar APX Smoker

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The APX Vape

This is a great little hand held that is extremely easy to use. It was our favourite this year at the Vape Lounge at Cannafest in Prague, where we try all the new vapes on the market. The draw and taste are exceptional. It’s small and discreet, fittling easily into the pocket.

The top pulls off easily to reveal the ceramic filling chamber. There’s a tool to push the herbs into place. It’s also got temperature control, so you can decide if you want smoke like a pipe or just pure vapour. Perfect if you are just starting on vaping.

To get the APX working, press the button five times, wait for the beep and vibrate, approx 30 seconds and pull a drag! Nothing easier. <br//> Comes in many colours. We always try have black, silver, blue and wood in stock, but they sell quickly. You can phone us to order a variety of others too, multi colour, skulls and techno patterns.


Black, Psychadelic Desert




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