DRS Gentlemen’s Custard Short Fill E-Liquid

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What more can we say about Dead Rabbit Society’s Gentlemen’s Custard Co. Complex, sophisticated, cultured and refined, everything you expect from a true gentleman. Bringing you a custard e-liquid line like no other. Here to replace Captains Custard at the table.


1 x DRS Gentleman’s Custard Short Fill E-Liquid


0mg/ml Nicotine

50ml of E-Liquid

60ml Bottle Size

10ml of Mixing Space

PG/VG – 30PG/70VG

Flavour Guide

Butterscotch – Original Custard with hints of Caramel and Butterscotch

Pie Crust – Fluffy Pie Crust with a drizzle of Vanilla Custard

Shamrock – Thick Custard with a hint of Mint

Smoked Custard – Luxurious Custard infused with Rich Tobacco

Strawberry Custard – Decadent Custard mixed with Fresh Strawberries

Tea Infused Custard Cream – Vanilla Custard Biscuit dunked into a freshly brewed cup of tea

Vanilla Custard – Original, thick, creamy Custard with notes of Vanilla

Flavour Blend

Vanilla Custard, Butterscotch, Pie Crust, Shamrock, Strawberry, Tea Infused Custard Cream, Smoked Custard


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