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Apple Berry Crumble IVG E-Liquid 10ml

The flavour profile is styled on traditional English crumble with a rich apple and blackberry filling.

10ml E-Liquid
50% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), 50% Propylene Glycol (PG)

IVG 50/50 Perfect for Starter Kits IVG 50/50 The creators of I VG e liquids really, really love vaping and e liquids. So much so, they decided to name their e Juice brand after their affinity for Vegetable Glycerine, in particular. Their refill range feature a 50/50 mix, with flavour blends that include Blackcurrant,Bubblegum,Raspberry,Black berg,Cola,Neon Lime etc sold by direct2uecigs castle st roscommon premium vapes kinship e-juice The creators of I VG e liquids really, really love vaping and e liquids I VG Premium E-Liquids. Acme Vape Lab is one of the UK’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of TPD complaint e liquids. With multiple award winning brands .

50/50 e liquid really is the very best of both worlds. In fact, we think it’s the gold standard for e liquids, which is why we called our original 50/50 PG VG juice the Kik Gold range. Catchy, no? Like you’d expect from the name, this vape juice is perfectly balanced. 50% PG for stronger flavours and a throatier hit. 50% VG for bigger clouds and a smoother inhale. It’s everything you’d expect from our premier 50/50

e liquid.

What you might not expect is just how punchy the flavours are.. But somehow our 50/50 e liquid range features juicier fruit flavours, icier menthol flavours and even toastier tobacco flavours. You’d swear that our Pink Lemonade flavour e liquid fizzes on your tongue!


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